Monday, April 5, 2010

Chemistry of a Different Kind

Location: Second Floor of Welch

Facilities: 3 Toilets, 3 Urinals, 2 Sinks, Paper Towels and Foam Soap Dispenser

This bathroom is a textbook case of overuse. If you can't find it then you've never been in Welch before. Its the only bathroom I've ever seen on the most highly trafficked floor of one of the most highly trafficked buildings on campus. It is immediately across the hall from a 400+ seat classroom as well as many other large classrooms. And the nearest bathroom requires you either go upstairs or all the way across to the other side of the building.

The first thing of note upon entry is that it smells pretty terrible. And that smell never goes away. I've been in there at all hours of the night and it still lingers. Its as if there is a barrier around the door and upon crossing through it you completely lose the ability to aim or flush. Its a good thing its in the chemistry building because they're going to need some powerful stuff to clean it. The other incredibly odd thing is the height of the urinals, none of which have barriers in between. Its like they were designed by the three bears. One is too tall, to the point of basically resting your genitals on it. One is too low. And the one that is "just right" is right in the middle. So in order to comfortably pee in this bathroom you have to be the jackass that takes the middle urinal, ostensibly rendering the other two unusable. As for the, just no.

For its crimes against humanity in the form of a sickening smell and terrible design I have to give this bathroom 1 flush out of 5. Use only in the case of an emergency. Otherwise, there are greener pastures elsewhere.

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