About the Website

In the fall of my junior year at the University of Texas I had an experience so profound, so earth shattering that I believe it has shaped my world view to this day. I happened to use a restroom so terrible, so poorly designed that as soon as I left, unsatisfied I might add, I had to tell someone about it. This got me thinking: Why had no one ever warned me about this restroom? Why was I so ill-prepared? Why did I have to experience it first hand to know that this was not a restroom designed for man but rather for some kind of goat-like hellbeast? I didn't realize it that day, but that restroom is what eventually brought me to this point

And this point is Pottymouth. My goal, much like Batman's, is to make sure that no one ever has to experience what I did ever again. I want to educate the people about the restrooms on the UT campus, to separate the great shitters from the shitty ones. So join me on an adventure to a place where adventures rarely occur, the bathroom.

The Rules:
1. Every week I will post a new review of a different bathroom on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

2. As I am a man I can only review the men's restrooms. Maybe one day I'll have a female counterpart, but for now its just me.

3. I will never describe my own bowel movements. I get the feeling you wouldn't want to hear about it, and besides, that shit's private.