Friday, September 3, 2010

Turn and Face the Strain (Ch-Ch-Changes)

Location: 5th Floor ECJ

Facilities: 1 Stall, 2 Urinals, 2 Sinks, Foam Soap, Paper Towels

I'm a civil engineering student, and as such I spend a lot of time pooping in ECJ. Once you get past the basement and first floor all the bathrooms on the upper levels are pretty much the same, cramped, poorly lit, oddly designed, utilitarian locations with not much to offer in the way of comfort. They do the trick but just barely. Such was the case with the fifth floor restroom until about halfway through last semester. All of a sudden a wall was erected around the door and the bathroom was shut down, for what reason I did not know. All I knew was that it had just become far more difficult to poop on the fifth floor. Little did I know what waited in store behind those thin wooden walls.

The prodigal bathroom has returned, and I welcome it! They totally redesigned the bathroom including all new, and quite beautiful, tile from the floor up. The new tile adds a level of warmth I have not seen in a bathroom in quite some time. They also eliminated one of the stalls, so what was once a cramped, uncomfortable space is now wide open. Of course this means there is only one stall for the whole bathroom, but the traffic on the floor is slow enough that it isn't a big problem.

However, it is not without fault. For one thing, and this is a general concern of mine with almost every public restroom, the toilet paper dispenser is too low. That combined with the low quality toilet paper, that can be found in practically everything bathroom around campus, makes it very difficult to pull off more than one sheet at a time. It was more than a little frustrating.

The other far more obvious problem is that this is not a bathroom that anyone in the rest of the school will find particularly useful. Even though ECJ does have the fastest elevators on campus, the trek to the fifth floor could be a little too far out of your way.

I'm giving this bathroom 4 flushes out of 5 for a near perfect overall design, but unless you spend a lot of time in ECJ then you're probably better off pooping elsewhere.