Sunday, March 28, 2010

Through the Looking Ass

Location: First Floor ECJ

Facilities: 2 Toilets (1 handicap), 3 Urinals, 3 Sinks, Soap and Paper Towels

So I'll explain the title of this post soon, but first I want to talk about this bathroom's location. This isn't really one of those convenient bathrooms you use on your way to somewhere. This is one of those bathrooms you use because you have a class on the first floor of ECJ and there is not other bathroom on that floor. It is placed in the corner of the building essentially near the end of a dead end hall. This is a problem if, like me, you find yourself studying or doing homework near or in the engineering library because your only option is to walk all the way around the horseshoe that is the first floor to use the facilities. Its a little inconvenient. And if you've never been to this bathroom you may never go because there is no sign to alert you that its all the way down the hall.

On to the bathroom itself: The first thing you'll notice when you walk in is the dizzying chessboard tile pattern that coats the floor and half the walls. It always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Jesse, my stalwart companion, says it gives him vertigo every time he walks in. Once you get past that the setup is pretty standard except for the one urinal set away from the other urinals, presumably because it is unclean. Because it is so close to a large auditorium classroom it also gets a lot of traffic, which means it smells like a sweaty man.

If you're in a time crunch or its not a class day you can give this bathroom a try. Otherwise, take the time to head upstairs to any of the other bathrooms in the building. I give it 2 flushes out of 5.


  1. "stalwart"

    (BTW, I hate you for not allowing HTML/IMG tags)

  2. Have you done the Life Sciences Library bathroom? Appropriately well hidden in the archives and luxuriously secluded.

  3. there's an awesome bathroom in the architecture building, at the bottom on the big staircase leading up to the library. well, the girls' bathroom is awesome. that's all i can speak or, really. or can i?