Friday, August 27, 2010

Where I Pooped on my Summer Vacation

As the first week of class here at UT comes to a close I figured I ought to start a new school year of Pottymouth reviews. But before I get started, here's a glimpse into what I did with my summer vacation, or rather where I did it.

I decided with no internship or real job to speak of lined up for the summer of 2010 that it would be a good idea to see the world and poop all over it. I wanted to use (and hopefully enjoy) some of the most famous bathrooms from around the globe.

I turned The White House into an out house when I snuck into the Presidential bathroom on a trip to Washington DC. I may not always agree with Obama's politics, but I love his taste in air fresheners.

I had a seat on the Royal Porcelain Throne on a visit to Buckingham Palace. While the layout was very classic, the lack of paper towels had me saying, "We are not amused!"

I took a trip to South Africa to poop in the same bathroom Nelson Mandela used while he was imprisoned. I used to think he was a brave man. After seeing the bathroom he had to use all those years I know he is.

Unfortunately my trip came to an early end when I attempted to enter North Korea to visit the restroom in Kim Jong Il's palace. I was thrown in prison and had to escape using only an old toothbrush and (oddly enough) the toilet in my room. When my MacGyver like device was complete I rode a pressurized wave of sewage across the boarder and into safety. I returned home and was so excited to see my bathroom that I went in and didn't leave for a whole day.

But now I'm back on the UT campus and happy to be doing what I love, finding the best (and worst) bathrooms on campus and alerting you, the waiting public, of my findings. Welcome back to Pottymouth. Let another grand adventure begin!